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Ordotonti Tedavi

The main purpose of orthodontics is to prevent the accurcy of disorders related to the teeth, jaw and facial feauters. It is also a specialty that aims to stop the progression of existing disorders, treat them and provide a good aesthetic function for (biting, chewing, talking, laughing) at the same time. Due to hereditary factors, Congenital anomalies (such as cleft lip, palate), Faulty functions (such as mouth breathing), Harmful habits (such as finger sucking, using pacifiers for a long time), Premature loss of baby teeth due to caries

Why Should Orthodontic Disorders Be Treated ?

Smooth teeth and jaws are an integral part of a good facial aesthetics, a beautiful smile. For this reason, jaw joint disorders, tooth structure and facial region disorders should be treated in order to recover aesthetically. At the same time; It helps a person to bite, chew and speak foods effectively. It reduces the predisposition to gum diseases and caries, contributes to healthy teeth and gums. It reduces the occurrence of functional problems such as jaw joint disorders and forms an important part of the treatment of these disorders. Orthodontic treatment can be applied at any age. But especially if there are problems related to the jaw area, children should be examined before reaching puberty (10-12 years old) in order to benefit from growth and development. in children aged 5-6 years, orthodontic examination is very useful for early detection of problems that may impair growth and development.

After permanent teeth fully growed, orthodontic treatment is now performed with brackets that attachs the teeth without being removed during the treatment, and wires passing through these brackets. Some dental disorders, on the other hand, allow the application of brackets to the inner surfaces of the teeth, so that they can be completely invisible (Lingual Orthodontics). Fixed orthodontic treatment can be applied to patients of all ages with healthy teeth and gums. It requires long-term reinforcement with various passive devices and wires that are invisible from the outside in order to maintain the results obtained by treatment.

Karaca Oral and Dental Treatment Center provides Implant Treatment, Teeth Whitening, Root Canal Treatment, Lamina Porcelain Veneer, Ordodontics, Inlay – Overlay Fillings and Fetal surgery services.


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