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Teeth Whitening

What is Teeth Whitening ?

The tooth color of an adult person should be the same shade of white as the white part of the eye. But for various reasons, the tooth colors have started to change and lose their original white color today. Teeth whitening, also known as ”dental bleaching", is the name given to the process performed on the tooth enamel to restore the original white color of the tooth.There may be many reasons for the problem of discoloration or the ability of white color to register on the teeth. Substances such as smoking, excessive coffee and tea consumption, fluoride ion in the water, antibiotic use can lead to this problem.Teeth whitening is divided into “office bleaching” and “home bleaching”. The office bleaching method is applied during your dentist's examination and gives faster results. Home bleaching, on the other hand, is a relatively longer-lasting treatment method applied at home. Although home bleaching is applied at home, it should be applied under the supervision and approval of a specialist dentist.The teeth whitening application in the office bleaching process can last one or more sessions depending on the person. During the teeth whitening process, the gums are first isolated and protected. Then a gel with a whitening effect is applied on the tooth enamel. Special light sources such as lasers are used to activate the gel applied on the tooth enamel. The varieties of the special light sources used that do not give any heat to the tooth and thus do not damage the tooth are preferred.

Evde Beyazlatma Nasıl Uygulanır?

Although it may seem like a self-made treatment at home from its name, this method of teeth whitening should also be done with the approval and supervision of your dentist. In this procedure, the dentist prepares a transparent plaque that can pass over the patient's teeth. Thanks to this plaque, the patient's gums can be protected and the gel that allows the teeth to regain their white color can be safely applied.

How Long Does Whiteness Last?

The white color gained after treatment lasts for 1-2 years. If the use of products that lead to tooth discoloration, such as cigarettes, coffee, tea, is reduced, this period will be even longer. October 3 or 6 months of home bleaching, that is, whitening performed at home in accordance with the supervision and approval of the dentist, increases the durability of the white color in order to prolong the period.Our teeth are made up of many different layers. The layer located at the top of these layers and which we clean when we brush our teeth is called tooth enamel. Teeth whitening gels are made of special materials that will not damage the tooth enamel. But the dentin layer under the enamel may have been opened due to cracks in the enamel. In this case, since the teeth whitening gel can damage the tooth, it is important that your teeth undergo a dentist check before starting the whitening process. After all, you should not have any procedures performed on your teeth without consulting a specialist.

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